Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

Does the back of your toilet sound like it’s continuously refilling with water? What you’re actually hearing is the sound of your hard-earned cash trickling down your sewer pipes and heading to the closest wastewater treatment center. The important question now is how do you stop throwing money away and get the toilet back in shape?

There are three places to check:

  • Floater

One of the easiest fixes for a toilet that never stops running is to lower the floater in the back tank. If the floater is positioned too high, the water level will be incapable of pushing it high enough to activate the mechanism that tells the refill tube that the tank is full. A simple adjustment is all it takes to get things flowing smoothly again (no pun intended).

  • Refill tube

If the refill tube is too long or not positioned correctly in the overflow tube, it can create a vacuum effect that causes continuous filling. By simply shortening the refill tube and securing it to the overflow tube, it can be an easy fix to this problem.

  • Flapper

Last but not least, we have the flapper that sits on the very bottom of the inside of your toilet’s tank. Every time you flush, this flapper is pulled up and allows all the water in the toilet tank to rush to the bowl, forcing the waste down, and refilling the bowl with fresh water. Once all the water is out of the toilet tank, the flapper slowly sets back down and seals the tank off, which allows the fill tubes to refill the tank.

Can’t Figure Out Why Your Toilet Keeps Running?

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