Why Does My Main Drain Line Keep Clogging?

Plumbing clogs can quickly turn from minor inconveniences into total nightmares if left untreated. While unclogging smaller plumbing lines usually require no more than a pair of gloves, a plunger, or maybe even the dreaded “snake” tool, that’s nothing in comparison with the tools required to clear a major clog, whether at your home or business.

What is the Main Drain Line?

The main drain line, also known as the main sewage line, is where all the smaller plumbing lines in your home converge. These smaller lines come from sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, washing machines, dishwashers, and more. Once wastewater or sewage hits the main drain line, it gets put on a direct path to either your septic tank or your local wastewater/ sewage treatment center.

Common Causes of Main Drain Clogs

When you treat your home’s drains like trash cans, you’re asking for huge and very costly problems to occur. For example, the smaller drain lines in your home are not designed to transport anything other than water, with your toilet being the sole exception. With that, the toilet is only designed to carry water, human waste, and biodegradable toilet paper.

However, some individuals tend to throw anything down the drain, especially down their toilets. The most common items that we discover when clearing main drain clogs are:

  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Tampons and other feminine sanitary products
  • Toys
  • Paper towels and napkins
  • Medicines
  • Grease, fats, and oils

While putting inappropriate items in the toilet is the most common root cause of main drain clogs, there are other causes that can include broken or damaged pipes and tree root infiltration.

Main Drain Clog Removal in Tampa Bay

If you’re dealing with chronic main drain clogs at your home or business, call Tampa Bay’s premier plumbing service, Friend’s Plumbing, at (727) 934-0323 or contact us online. We also offer 24/7 emergency services for major issues that could pop up outside of regular business hours. Should you be facing a main drain clog, it’s important that you don’t wait another minute to call us for help! Let the professionals at Friend’s Plumbing restore your home’s plumbing functions and give you peace of mind.