What is Your Water Hiding?

Whether you receive your water from a municipal source or from your own backyard well, it is very important to consider what your water might be hiding. Simply using the water that falls from the faucet isn’t always the best or safest choice, especially if you have hard water. Is your household water hard or soft, and why does it matter?

The Difference Between Hard and Soft Water

Soft water is considered pure because the only ion it contains is sodium. Pure rainwater is soft, but pure rainwater is virtually impossible to find in our polluted environment. Water must travel through waterways and along the ground, picking up other minerals like a magnet.

It is most common for water to contain magnesium, chalk, calcium, lime, and high concentrations of other dissolved minerals. This type of water is considered hard. Hard water not only provides health concerns when it is used as drinking water, but it also runs the risk of causing damage to a home’s plumbing system.

Hard Water Stirs Up Trouble

Overall, hard water is responsible for accelerated wear and tear on appliances, pipes, and other important components of a home’s plumbing system. This is because the minerals dissolved in hard water like calcium and magnesium bind together and leave themselves behind as mineral deposits inside pipes and appliances.

Much like the plaque that lines the walls of the arteries and eventually leads to a heart attack, mineral buildups cause clogs and leaks that eventually culminate into costly repairs. Hard water deposits are also like plaque because they accumulate silently and without much warning. The best way to avoid costly plumping repair is taking the preventive measure of softening your hard water.

The Solution to Softening Hard Water

With the help of an experienced plumber, you can install a water softener in your home to ensure your appliances are not threatened by hard water buildups. A water softener will remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals found in hard water so you can enjoy all the benefits of soft water.

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