What is High Water Pressure?

If you’ve ever lived somewhere with low water pressure, you’re likely all too familiar with the issues caused by the lack of pressure, such as shampoo residue left all over your hair. But, did you know that high water pressure is even worse?

High water pressure can cause damage to your home’s or business’ pipes, appliances, and structure.

Anything over 60 pounds per square inch, or PSI, is considered too high for a residential home or typical business. Most appliances like the 45-55 PSI range for optimal performance.

A few signs of high water pressure to look out for include:

  • Banging sounds inside of the walls when water is turned on
  • Frequent leaks where pipes are sealed together
  • Leaky faucets
  • A constantly running toilet
  • A noisy washing machine or dishwasher

A water pressure gauge from your local home improvement store can also clue you in to your home’s exact water pressure, although it won’t be able to tell you why there are discrepancies between different faucets. So, if the water pressure to your external faucets is normal, but the pressure in your bathroom is high, the water pressure gauge won’t be able to tell why. Instead, you will need to contact a local, reliable plumber to figure that out.

Once you’ve established that you have high water pressure, consider installing a water pressure regulator. These devices can be safely and quickly installed on existing plumbing lines by a reputable plumbing professional, like those at Friend’s Plumbing in Oldsmar.

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