Tips to Reduce Your Water Bill

water3Nobody likes to pay bills, but it’s a necessary evil of living in modern society. However, that doesn’t mean you need to accept paying bills that climb each month and continue to eat away at your paycheck.

Water is one of the easiest bills to reduce, and doing so positively impacts more than your wallet. Water is a precious natural resource that most Americans take completely for granted. These tips to lower your water bill will also do a few favors for the Earth as well!

Use Your Dishwasher

This might sound surprising, but a full dishwasher load uses less water than it would to wash each cup, dish, and utensil separately. But the key here is full. Most dishwashers now come with eco- and light-wash options, so you can use even less water and continue to push that water bill down.

Bring Your Toilet into the 21st Century

If your bathroom has housed the same toilet since 1998, consider replacing it with a low pressure toilet that uses considerably less water. While this might be more money up front, its conservation of 2-5 gallons per flush will be well appreciated on every monthly bill moving forward. If purchasing a new toilet isn’t feasible, you can add weights to your toilet tank to trick it into using less water with each flush.

Add Aerators to Your Faucets

This option isn’t nearly as well-known as the common suggestions of taking shorter showers or turning off the tap while brushing and shaving, but it’s an excellent idea. Aerators reduce the amount of water your faucet uses while also increasing water pressure; you can actually feel like you have more water by using less! They work by adding air into the water stream and ultimately saving up to 30 gallons of water use a day!

It doesn’t take much, and before you know it your water bill will plummet.