The Best Drinking Water Filters for Your Kitchen

Did you know that your water might not be safe to drink? All water utilities are required to notify their consumers about boil orders and other water quality issues, but the fact of the matter is that they don’t do a great job making sure that everyone is notified. The notifications might just be on a website or only be sent to you if you sign up.

In addition, there are some water quality issues that some people find unacceptable, even if the water is technically safe to consume. If you want water that tastes great, feels good, and has no odor, a water filter for your home or kitchen could be very helpful. Here are some of the things water filters should have.

Installed at the water source.

Whether the water filtration system is based for just the kitchen or the whole house, there is an origin point for the water entering your home. The best filters will be put at the source of the water to the room or the source of the water to the house. This way all of your fixtures and appliances are getting the filtered water.

Effectively filters out odor and taste problems

Most odor and taste issues with water have to do with the organic material that starts out in the water at its source, before treatment. While water treatment processes work to eliminate that organic matter as much as possible, some water sources present unique challenges that can cause problems to arise occasionally.

Effectively filters out hard minerals

Hard minerals like calcium and magnesium don’t just make your water taste bad. They can actually cause minerals to build up in your pipes, fixtures, and appliances. Hard water going into your dishwasher doesn’t just keep your dishes from getting clean. It also significantly reduces the lifespan of your dishwasher.

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