Signs You Need to Replace Your Sewer Line

Your sewer system is perhaps the most important system in your home. The sewer works with your plumbing to remove waste from your home. A sewer line in disrepair can lead to very expensive and smelly repairs to other areas of your home. It can also lead to the destruction of your lawn.

It is important to get your sewer inspected as soon as you can after noticing symptoms of a sewer problem. While some sewer backups may be the responsibility of the city, for the most part homeowners are responsible for the sewer lines going into their home.

Drain Clogs and Backups

Drain clogs don’t necessarily lead to sewer repair, but they are often connected. Sewer backups or clogs can also backup into your sink, tub, shower, or toilet. This is not only unpleasant; it is also unsanitary. It is also a clear sign that you need a plumber right away.

Sewer Odor on Your Property

A sewer in good repair should be airtight, and it shouldn’t give off any kind of smell. If you start to smell sewer odors anywhere on your property, you probably have a break or leak in the sewer line in that area. You’ll need to contact a plumber right away before the problem gets worse. If the sewage penetrated your lawn, you might also need to contact a landscaper to repair your lawn.

Signs of Sewage in Your Lawn

Even if you don’t smell sewage, it could still be leaking into your yard. Some common signs that your lawn is being saturated by your sewer line include:

  • Patches of grass that are particularly lush and green
  • Soft spots in the lawn or areas that seem particularly moist compared to others
  • Waste or “muddy” water pooling in one part of your lawn

Any signs of sewage leakage need to be addressed immediately for your health and the health of your family. Contact us today if you need a sewer inspection and repair.