Signs of a Busted Pipe

Regardless of if you own or rent your home, you’re likely going to deal with a busted pipe at some point in your life. While the pipes in your home are built to withstand constant water pressure, they are still vulnerable to flaws and external forces that can cause unforeseen damage. If you notice any of the signs below, you may have a busted pipe:

Water sounds you exactly can’t locate

Depending on the size of the break in your pipe, you may hear anything from a slow drip to a loud, roaring rush of water. If you ever hear water running in your home, but can’t locate the source, you should cut off the outside water valve (or call your landlord if you rent your home) and call a plumber immediately.

Low or fluctuating water pressure

Another easy-to-notice sign is a sudden decrease in your home’s water pressure. The water pressure may also fluctuate from normal to low. The easiest place to notice changes in your water pressure is in the bath and/or shower.


A leak in your home can indicate a variety of problems, including a busted pipe. If you notice a leak anywhere in your home, but especially under sinks, near hot water heaters, or in bathrooms, a busted pipe may be the culprit.

Discoloration or mold

If a busted pipe is not found quickly, it can lead to water damage, mildew, and even dangerous mold in your home. Look for brownish discolorations in your ceilings, walls, and floors. If you notice a sudden soft spot in any of these places, especially near discoloration, you’ve likely got a leak somewhere. Unfortunately, once water damage has occurred, you’re looking at substantial repair costs that may involve tearing out walls and floors. If black mold is found, remediation can cost thousands of dollars.

High water bill

If your water bill is normally around the same amount each month, but you see a sudden jump,  a leak from a busted pipe could be the issue. Verify with your water company that they have not raised their rates before hunting down the source of the extra water.

A busted pipe is an emergency that cannot wait. Even if you just suspect that you have a busted pipe, cut off your home’s water supply and immediately call a plumber. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, our expert team at Friend’s Plumbing can locate and repair your busted pipe quickly and efficiently, even in the middle of the night! Take advantage of our 24/7 emergency plumbing services to protect your home from costly water damage. Just call (727) 934-0323 and we’ll be on the way!