Should a Minor Water Leak Be a Concern?

Have you noticed a small drip under one of your sinks, or maybe even coming down from the ceiling? Before you just set a bucket up and put it on the back burner, let’s talk about the real danger that small water leaks can cause!

What causes minor water leaks?

Most minor water leaks are caused by deterioration, either of the joints that connect your home’s plumbing, or the pipes themselves.

Plumbing joints are often sealed with commercial chemical adhesives. Over time, these adhesives wear away, creating weak points in the joint. If your water pressure overpowers one of these weak areas, you’ll end up with a small water drip from the joint.

Pipes, especially older ones, are also subject to break down with age. Plumbing pipes used to be made of metals, like cast iron, brass, and galvanized steel. Just like anything else that is made of metal, these pipes are subject to corrode over time, which creates weak spots along their length. Just like leaks from joints, if your water pressure overpowers the weak areas in your pipes, leaks will happen.

But, it’s just a small drip…

Almost all leaks start as small drips. Some may stay small for a long time, luring the homeowner into a false sense of security that the leak will never get bigger. Well, think again! When given enough time, even the tiniest drip can turn into a burst pipe, flooding your home with thousands of gallons of water.

Fix minor leaks ASAP!

Don’t wait for that small water leak to turn into a major plumbing crisis. If you wait until the pipe completely bursts, your home could be severely damaged before you even notice it. But, why?

Think about what would happen if one of your pipes were to burst overnight while you and your family were sleeping. Assuming no one hears the gushing water coming from the pipe, it could be hours before they burst is even noticed. That’s long enough for 10,000+ gallons of water to flood your basement, crawlspace, under your floors, and inside of your walls. 

Now think, about what would happen if that pipe burst on the first day of your two-week family vacation… you would come home to a flooded house, ruined belongings, and tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Plumbing Repair in Clearwater

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