Replace Chemical Drain Uncloggers with These Better Options

Slow-running and completely stopped-up drains are very common in households, especially those with young children, but chemical-based uncloggers aren’t always the best solution. They are definitely simple and convenient, but they also place a host of dangerous chemicals into the water supply and threaten the integrity of your pipes. Next time you have a clog, give these alternatives a try instead.

Why Avoid Chemical-Based Uncloggers?

First and foremost, the ingredients in these solutions are no friend to the environment. Some of the ingredients are downright toxic. By pouring them down the drain, you are guaranteeing that they end up in rainwater, sewage systems, and eventually rivers, oceans, and streams.

In addition, chemical-based solutions are harsh and acidic, meaning they pose a threat to the health of your pipes. When the liquids build up in clogged areas, they begin to corrode pipes and eventually cause a leak or collapse of the entire system. This is most definitely not the result you want to cope with in five years!

Try Natural DIY Solutions

When you have a clog, the first step is to pull out the drain stopper. This might be done easily or with the help of a pair of pliers to remove the pivot rod nut. Bend a piece of wire, like from a clothes hanger, into a tight hook and fish out the clog. Run hot water down afterward to help clear out any remaining gunk, and your water should be running and draining freely again!

Another option is to make your own non-toxic version of Drano with vinegar and baking soda. Start by pouring a boiling hot pot of water down your drain, then follow it with ½ cup of baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes. Next up is 1 cup of vinegar and another 1 cup of boiling hot water. Cover and let the chemical reaction work its magic for ten minutes, then flush the entire thing with another pot of boiling water.

Call the Plumber

Some problems are simply too overwhelming to tackle using DIY tips. If this is the case, just call your plumber and let experts identify and resolve your plumbing problem. Your plumber will know tried-and-true unclogging strategies that solve the root cause of the issue and leave your drains fully functional without sacrificing longevity.

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