The Plumbing Profession Commands Many Benefits

45779729 - plumber with plumbing tools on the kitchen. renovation.It’s been documented in the news lately that America risks a plumber shortage in the near future. Many plumbers have been working in the profession for 30 or 40 years and are ready to retire, leaving them in need of younger plumbers to take over their responsibilities. Men and women contemplating their career paths would be well-served to become plumbers, as the plumbing profession comes with many surprising benefits.

No 4-Year College Required

It can seem like a bachelor’s degree has become just as mandatory as a high school diploma for many jobs, but not for plumbing. Plumbing provides those with high school diplomas a place to begin, then requiring more realistic criteria of technical school or an apprenticeship program. An aspiring plumber can easily find a rewarding training program either within an organization that specifically offers apprentice training in the plumbing industry, through online training aids, or even through a company’s own ‘in-house’ program.

Wide Range of Clients

Indoor plumbing is everywhere, which means that plumbers can never suffer for a lack of business. Just like patients will always need doctors, home and business owners will always need plumbers! Because of this, employment for plumbers is anticipated grow quickly in the next few years. This equates to higher wages as well. In 2015, the median annual wage for plumbers was $50,620, with the highest 10 percent earning nearly $100,000. As plumbers achieve higher license levels and have more experience to offer, they can make more and more money.

Partners with the Construction Industry

In addition to residential and commercial clients, plumbers are also absolutely vital participants in the construction industry, which is growing faster than ever before. This is spurring a growing demand for plumbers to meet the stricter efficiency standards in construction, especially since licensed plumbers are now retiring faster than can be replaced.