Plumbing Manufacturers International Advocates for WaterSense

It’s all too easy to take clean water for granted as it flows from the faucet, but the truth is that it requires immense effort to deliver clean water through the pipes of millions of homes in America each day. Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) is working to remind Americans of this as the new White House administration threatens to eliminate the WaterSense program under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new budget.

For the past decade, the WaterSense program has provided incredibly valuable water- and cost-saving benefits across the country. Partnership in the WaterSense program helps to reduce the water consumption of consumers and businesses. In fact, WaterSense products have saved about 1.5 trillion gallons of water since 2006. However, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt doesn’t seem keen to keep WaterSense around.

PMI CEO Barbara C. Higgens wrote a letter directly to Pruitt in an effort to encourage the EPA to maintain WaterSense. “Plumbing manufacturers are proud to partner with EPA’s WaterSense program. The WaterSense label is the most widely recognized symbol of water-efficient plumbing products that meet high performance standards. Through strong brand recognition and positive publicity, the WaterSense program has provided the catalyst for many consumers, homeowners, businesses, and state and local governments to invest in water-efficient plumbing products.”       

PMI isn’t stopping at that letter. The association has requested to meet with Pruitt to emphasize the importance of WaterSense for every American citizen, from consumers and retailers to plumbing manufacturers and water utilities. PMI has also communicated with 50 key congressional offices to underscore the value of maintaining WaterSense in the EPA’s 2018 budget.

Only time will tell whether the new EPA leadership will heed the advice of PMI and other key partners like the Alliance for Water Efficiency and the American Water Works Association. In the meantime, you can obtain water efficient plumbing products to conserve more water in your own home each day by reaching out to Friend’s Plumbing in Tampa Bay. The expert team at Friend’s Plumbing will help you form a water conservation plan and install any new plumbing fixtures you need. Call (727) 934-0323 today to learn more and schedule a visit.