In the Middle of Basic Repair Jobs, Plumbers Can Work Miracles

Drains are only meant for water, but any plumber knows that a variety of other objects end up down drains as well. From toys to coins and hair, it’s very common for drains to become the final destination of many different household items. Nobody knows this better than Nicole Wade, who lost her wedding ring down a drain in 2007.

Wade, who had been married for two years at the time, was visiting her father’s house in Hilliard, Ohio when she took her rings off and placed them on the sink before showering. As Wade’s father, Gary Beauchamp, describes the story, “We were rushing and we got to where we were going and she says, ‘I don’t have my rings!’ So we go back to the house.” But after hours of chaotic searching, the rings were never found. Wade determined that they must have been washed down the drain, and she was immediately devastated.

Fortunately, Beauchamp understood a bit about plumbing and was able to take apart the sink to recover his daughter’s engagement ring. Still, the wedding ring was never found. Wade eventually moved out to Utah with her husband and accepted that her wedding ring wasn’t coming back.

Ten years later, just this March, Beauchamp experienced a sewer drain backup at his house. He called a plumbing company to fix it, thinking it was nothing more than an inconvenience. However, the lead plumber on the job, Troy Bronson, proved that even the most standard house call can lead to a miracle. Bronson explained that he was “excavating a sewer line in our customer’s backyard and while showing him a piece of the line that we had removed, I noticed something fall out of the pipe onto the ground.”

Bronson immediately suspected that it was a ring, so he, his fellow plumbers, and Beauchamp himself got down on the ground and started searching for the object. Sure enough, it was Wade’s long lost wedding ring! Beauchamp immediately called his daughter and used a video app to show her the ring. She was nothing short of awe-struck and incredibly grateful to the plumber for following his instincts.

Sewer services and repairs are challenging and even have the potential to uncover valuable (and long lost!) items, so it’s important to trust your own sewer needs to a reliable and professional plumbing service. Friend’s Plumbing has served the Tampa Bay area since 1979 and can help you with any minor or major plumbing needs you have. Give them a call today at 727-934-0323 to learn more.