Increase Value for Your Tenants by Adding a Whole Home Water Filtration and Softener

Are you a residential property owner trying to increase your rental income? The best way to be able to raise the rent with the next lease is to make improvements to the home or apartment, including a whole home water filtration system. Here’s how you and your tenants will benefit.

Improves water quality for the whole building

Whether you are working with a house or apartment building, there are water filtration and softening systems available that can handle the demand. Of course, the more units you are supplying water to, the larger (and more expensive) the filtration system will be. But the improved water quality can be a huge selling point for future tenants, especially if they have health or skin conditions that could be affected by hard water.

Prevents wear on plumbing

If you are getting a lot of hard water in your building or residential rental home, it could be destroying your pipes. Hard calcium deposits can build up in pipes over time, closing them off and creating a clog that can only be fixed by replacing that section of plumbing. A whole home water softener keeps this clogging at bay. That means more reliable water service for your tenants and fewer plumbing bills for you.

Increases property value

Your property value will go up significantly when you add a whole home filtration system. You’ll likely increase the value beyond the cost of the system, allowing you to get a good price if you ever decide to turn around the property.

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