How to Keep Your Drains Clean and Unclogged

Drains do clog from time to time, and it may seem as though there is nothing you can do to ensure that doesn’t happen. Yet there are some things that you can do to keep your drains clean and make it less likely that they will clog. These methods will also help keep your drains free from bad odors. 

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda is a great substance to put down your drains on a regular basis, especially if you have poured something with a foul odor down the drain. Baking soda cleans and completely neutralizes odors so that they don’t come back up out of the drain. Vinegar is another natural substance you can put down your drain to clean it. If you use vinegar and baking soda at the same time, it will cause a foaming chemical reaction that will clean the drain thoroughly.

Screens and Drain Plates

Having a completely open drain makes it more likely that it could become clogged. Especially for drains in the kitchen, utility room, or mudroom, you want to make sure that you have screens or drain plates on all of your drains. This will prevent most objects from getting down into the drain and causing an issue.

Run Hot Water After Use

Letting the hot water run at full blast for a minute after using the drain will help keep it from clogging. This will help rinse everything down the drain. It is a very good idea to let the hot water run for a couple of minutes if you have put grease down the drain.

If you take these measures, you will be less likely to have clogged drains. However, clogs can still happen. If your drain becomes clogged, you want to know you have someone to call that you can trust. Contact us today for more information.