Honor Earth Day Every Day with These Simple Water Conservation Ideas

Earth Day itself has come and gone, but the widespread desire to conserve water has not. Countless homeowners and business owners are eager to cut down on their water use to simultaneously support the environment and minimize their utility bills.Thanks to today’s technology, you don’t need to skip showers or eat off dirty dishes to save water. Instead, you can work with a professional plumber to install more efficient plumbing fixtures.

Low-Flush Toilets

It’s sickening to consider how much water is used through toilet flushing each day around the country. A low-flush toilet alleviates this problem by using only 1.3 gallons per flush or less, compared to a standard toilet that uses up to 1.6 gallons per flush. Installing low-flush toilets in your home can save a significant amount of money and water each year.  

Low-Flow Showerheads

There’s nothing quite like a hot shower to help you relax and reset your mind, but without a low-flow showerhead, your shower comes at the cost of excessive water waste. A low-flow showerhead is designed to offer enough water pressure while still utilizing the least amount of water possible. While a regular showerhead might deliver 5 to 8 gallons of water per minute, low-flow showerheads only deliver 2.5 gallons per minute while still delivering the same sturdy spray. You could save nearly 3,000 gallons a year with a low-flow showerhead!  

Hot Water Recirculation System

We all know the struggle of letting cold water run until hot water finally comes out of the faucet. A hot water recirculation system eliminates this problem by recirculating cooled water that’s been sitting in the hot water line since the last time the faucet was turned on. This prevents all of that cold water from being wasted down the drain, and instead recirculates it to be reused as hot water. Since it is estimated that every household wastes up to 25,000 gallons of water each year waiting for the water to warm up, a hot water recirculation system can generate enormous savings.  

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