Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions You Need Answered

Plumbing is very easy to take for granted until it malfunctions and causes a headache for you and your family. While some plumbing issues can be fixed on your own, others require the professional attention of a plumber. These frequently asked plumbing questions are explained to help you determine your best plan of action when disaster strikes!

What Is Safe For My Garbage Disposal?

We all know the cringe-worthy sound of a garbage disposal that has hit something it can’t handle. It’s important to only place the food items into your garbage disposal that won’t cause harm.  Nearly any biodegradable food waste can be ground in your garbage disposal, but high-fiber content items should be avoided since they can become wrapped around the blades. Of course, never place non-food items down your garbage disposal like paper, rubber bands, plastic, or glass.

It is also a little-known fact that running cold water through your disposal is much better than hot water. Cold water can help grease and fats solidify and pass through the system, whereas hot water only dissolves them and forces them to accumulate like cholesterol in arteries. For ongoing maintenance, you can also grind eggshells or ice in your disposal to help scrape away deposits, pulp, and citric acid build up.

Why Is My Drain Clogged?

Many common objects become lodged in kitchen and bathroom drains, even when they don’t belong there. Hair, soap, food, and grease are the most common culprits that stick in the drain and prevent water from flowing down. While store-bought drain cleaners can usually resolve minor clogs, it’s wise to bring a plumber in once a year to maintenance your drains and make sure no major problems have formed.  

Why Does My Toilet Keep Running After I Flush?

A toilet should run water only when it is flushed in order to swap used water with fresh water. If the water continues to run after the flash is finished, and you never end up hearing the distinct latching sound as the water tank resumes its normal quiet, then your toilet is officially running. This leaking wastes water and money…possibly up to $100 a year if left unrepaired! All you need to do is fix the mechanism preventing the water from stopping, and you’ll be good to go!

When in doubt, call a trusted plumber like Friend’s Plumbing in Tampa, Florida. The experts at Friends Plumbing have been serving the Tampa Bay area since 1979, and they can help you resolve any plumbing issues that may be plaguing your home. Call (727) 934-0323 to learn more.