What is High Water Pressure?

If you’ve ever lived somewhere with low water pressure, you’re likely all too familiar with the issues caused by the lack of pressure, such as shampoo residue left all over your hair. But, did you know that high water pressure is even worse?

High water pressure can cause damage to your home’s or business’ pipes, appliances, and structure.

Anything over 60 pounds per square inch, or PSI, is considered too high for a residential home or typical business. Most appliances like the 45-55 PSI range for optimal performance. Continue reading “What is High Water Pressure?”

Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Plumber

Everyone knows that you should check reviews and get recommendations whenever possible for new services, especially home service trades like plumbing. But before you decide to hire a plumber, you should have a real conversation with them and ask some basic questions to ensure they are a good fit.

Are you licensed and insured?

Your plumber should have a professional business license that allows him to provide services as a plumber. Without this legal licensure, the plumber isn’t going to have workers’ compensation insurance or liability insurance, leaving you on the hook with your homeowner’s policy if something goes wrong. Keep the responsibility firmly where it belongs by ensuring you are using a licensed and insured plumber. Continue reading “Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Plumber”

The Best Way to Choose a Plumber

Most people don’t think about getting a plumber until they actually need one. While it is ideal to have a plumber lined up just in case of emergencies, most people do not look for a plumber until they run into a problem that they can’t fix themselves. Whether you are planning ahead or looking for emergency services, there are certain things you should check before settling on a professional plumber.

Online Reputation

Regardless of whether a plumber is a small local contractor or part of a regional chain, they are going to have some kind of online presence. Between Google and services like Yelp and Angie’s List, you can easily get reviews of their services and competency. You should also look up their rating at the Better Business Bureau (BBB), where you will be able to see if they have had any formal complaints filed against them. Continue reading “The Best Way to Choose a Plumber”

Plumbing Manufacturers International Advocates for WaterSense

It’s all too easy to take clean water for granted as it flows from the faucet, but the truth is that it requires immense effort to deliver clean water through the pipes of millions of homes in America each day. Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) is working to remind Americans of this as the new White House administration threatens to eliminate the WaterSense program under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new budget.

For the past decade, the WaterSense program has provided incredibly valuable water- and cost-saving benefits across the country. Partnership in the WaterSense program helps to reduce the water consumption of consumers and businesses. In fact, WaterSense products have saved about 1.5 trillion gallons of water since 2006. However, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt doesn’t seem keen to keep WaterSense around. Continue reading “Plumbing Manufacturers International Advocates for WaterSense”

Your Guide to Hiring a Plumber in Florida

The pipes in your home are responsible for capturing and transferring every drop of water that you use. Even the smallest plumbing malfunction can cause you a major headache, especially if it prevents you from running the dishwasher, flushing the toilet, or taking a shower. This is exactly why finding a reputable, reliable, and affordable plumber in the Tampa Bay area is so important. When you make an emergency call at 2 AM or 4 PM, you want to know that your plumber will arrive quickly and complete all necessary repairs with expertise. This is equally as important in a commercial setting, where potentially hundreds or thousands of people rely on functioning plumbing each day. So, how can you find the best plumber for the job? Continue reading “Your Guide to Hiring a Plumber in Florida”

In the Middle of Basic Repair Jobs, Plumbers Can Work Miracles

Drains are only meant for water, but any plumber knows that a variety of other objects end up down drains as well. From toys to coins and hair, it’s very common for drains to become the final destination of many different household items. Nobody knows this better than Nicole Wade, who lost her wedding ring down a drain in 2007. Continue reading “In the Middle of Basic Repair Jobs, Plumbers Can Work Miracles”

One Year After Flint’s Water Crisis, Have Things Improved?

44187959 - toxic water running from sewers to the environmentIt’s hard to believe, but more than one year has now passed since President Obama declared a federal emergency in Flint, Michigan in regard to the lead poisoning crisis. A town hall held in early January 2017 aimed to shed light on Flint’s most recent water quality data. So the question is, in the year since Flint’s struggles were unearthed, has the city been able to more efficiently protect its residents from lead poisoning? Continue reading “One Year After Flint’s Water Crisis, Have Things Improved?”

The Plumbing Profession Commands Many Benefits

45779729 - plumber with plumbing tools on the kitchen. renovation.It’s been documented in the news lately that America risks a plumber shortage in the near future. Many plumbers have been working in the profession for 30 or 40 years and are ready to retire, leaving them in need of younger plumbers to take over their responsibilities. Men and women contemplating their career paths would be well-served to become plumbers, as the plumbing profession comes with many surprising benefits. Continue reading “The Plumbing Profession Commands Many Benefits”