Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions You Need Answered

Plumbing is very easy to take for granted until it malfunctions and causes a headache for you and your family. While some plumbing issues can be fixed on your own, others require the professional attention of a plumber. These frequently asked plumbing questions are explained to help you determine your best plan of action when disaster strikes!

What Is Safe For My Garbage Disposal?

We all know the cringe-worthy sound of a garbage disposal that has hit something it can’t handle. It’s important to only place the food items into your garbage disposal that won’t cause harm.  Nearly any biodegradable food waste can be ground in your garbage disposal, but high-fiber content items should be avoided since they can become wrapped around the blades. Of course, never place non-food items down your garbage disposal like paper, rubber bands, plastic, or glass. Continue reading “Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions You Need Answered”

Tips and Tricks to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

hot-water-heaterThrough all of life’s daily chores, like washing dishes and showering, you trust your hot water heater to faithfully do its job and provide a continual supply of nice hot water to all parts of your home. It’s only when your hot water heater breaks or suddenly becomes inefficient that you realize just how much harder your life is without automatic hot water. Since most hot water heaters work fine with minimal maintenance for at least a decade, it’s all too easy to neglect it a few years too long. If you can work these simple maintenance tricks into your yearly routine, you will extend the life of your water heater and save yourself money in the long run. Continue reading “Tips and Tricks to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater”

Unclog Your Drains the Chemical-Free Way

43082449 - happy woman using plunger in kitchen sink at homeHave you ever purchased a bottle of Drano and poured it down your sink to eliminate a clog, only to shudder at the thought of how many chemicals you just directly poured into your pipes? Slow-running and completely stopped-up drains are very common in households, especially those with young children, but there are quite a few natural solutions to unclog those drains without relying upon dangerous chemicals. Continue reading “Unclog Your Drains the Chemical-Free Way”

The Relationship between Water Heaters and Emissions Limits

The Relationship between Water Heaters and Emissions Limits28635259 - water temperature controls on a hot water heater

A Bay Area plumbing company has sent an important reminder to the nation that homeowners need to carefully select the plumbers that they hire and trust. Value Plumbing Co. Inc., located in Oakley, is being charged $310,000 in air pollution penalties. The company sold and installed hundreds of water heaters from uncertified sources, which led to excess nitrogen oxides being released into the air.

The Bay Area imposes very strict limits for smog-producing chemicals and toxins, and Value Plumbing did not adhere to those limits when using the uncertified water heaters. Between 2008 and 2013, the plumbing company blatantly violated air pollution policies and competition laws. As an executive officer in the area explained, “When compliance with the regulations is disregarded, significant financial penalties are justified to deter future violations.” Continue reading “The Relationship between Water Heaters and Emissions Limits”

The Thieves Who Forego Jewelry for… Plumbing!

60749884 - plumber connecting pvc pipes with copper pipes

As a home or business owner, you most likely make it a priority to keep your valuable belongings protected. You may often worry about intruders stealing the items that are worth money, like televisions and jewelry, but have you ever stopped to consider the value of your plumbing?

Copper Theft in Closed School

A school in Ohio, which shut down in 2005, has been purchased by United North Inc. to transform into a 44-unit apartment complex for low-income senior citizens. Though the $9.6 million project successfully received federal tax credits worth $886,631 for ten years, the project hasn’t come to fruition yet, and thieves in the area are taking full advantage of the vacant building. Continue reading “The Thieves Who Forego Jewelry for… Plumbing!”

Three Items That Could Be Clogging Your Toilet

5541563 - a toilet paper roll dispenser with the paper feeding over the top towards the back

From the time that children become potty trained, they understand the basic concepts of toilets: you do your business, wipe, and flush. Despite this routine, just about every household in America ends up flushing items down the toilet that have no business heading down into water pipes. If your toilet has been clogged more than usual lately, any of these three common items could be the culprit. Continue reading “Three Items That Could Be Clogging Your Toilet”

Plumbing Issues that Have Made Headlines

plumbing messIndoor plumbing is a relatively new luxury, but it’s easy enough to take for granted since it exists everywhere in developed nations. However, as with all systems we rely on, there are bound to be problems. These three stories of plumbing troubles recently caught national headlines for their shock value.

Poor Plumbing Helps Firefighters

Firefighters might sometimes get help from the rain, but from a burst water pipe? Not as likely. But that’s exactly what happened close to Memorial Day when a Lexington home caught fire around 10 o’clock in the morning. It didn’t take long for firefighters to ventilate the home and put the fire out, partly because a burst pipe in the basement helped to maintain the fire and prevent it from spreading further. It’s safe to say this is one of the only situations in which a burst pipe can be seen as a good thing! Continue reading “Plumbing Issues that Have Made Headlines”

The Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

plumbing1Plumbing is a complex system, far more than most people even realize. The pipes and carefully established lines that allow you to enjoy clean running water and reliable drainage exist in an intricate web that works systematically to stay in sync with your needs.

Due to the complex nature of plumbing, there are probably many times when you find yourself scratching your head wishing you could just get a simple answer to a common problem. Whether it’s your running toilet or your troublesome septic tank, it helps to understand the plumbing systems on which you rely. Continue reading “The Most Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions”