Plumbing Leaks

Most Common Causes of Plumbing Leaks

An unexpected plumbing leak is sure to make any homeowner feel helpless. In addition to repairing the cause of the leak, you may also have flooring or structural damage to your home. Finding leaks early and identifying their cause is critical in keeping your home safe and structurally sound. Most household leaks are caused by:

  • Pipe corrosion

While older homes are more susceptible to pipe corrosion, it can happen in any home, even if your home is new. Environmental factors such as highly acidic soil can play a role in pipe corrosion. You may notice a change in your water’s color if corrosion is the culprit. Continue reading “Most Common Causes of Plumbing Leaks”

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Why You Should Never Flush “Flushable” Wipes

It was the early 2000s when the toilet paper industry decided we all weren’t…ahem…quite clean enough. By 2005, supposedly flushable wet wipes were flying off the shelves, marketed as the miraculous, biodegradable cure for our toilet hygiene woes. Fast forward 15 years and flushable wipes are costing US cities millions of dollars per year to keep sewer systems clear. New York City alone spends around $19 million per year just dealing with wipes!

So why are they labeled as “flushable”? The short answer is so you will buy them. The long answer is a little more complicated. While it is true that wipes labeled as “flushable” or “biodegradable” will break down eventually, this doesn’t happen nearly as fast as traditional toilet paper in your home’s sewage lines. Just go to Youtube and search “wipes clog pipes” if you don’t believe us. Some flushable wipes hardly break down at all between your home and the sewage plant, adding to the daily list of tasks sewage maintenance personnel must deal with and increasing monthly sewage costs for everyone. Continue reading “Why You Should Never Flush “Flushable” Wipes”

How To Keep My Home Plumbing Maintained Annually

Nobody wants plumbing problems! Whether it’s an overflowing toilet or a clogged sink, plumbing issues are always a headache. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your home’s plumbing receives professional maintenance every year. 

Check for Hard Water

Hard water is responsible for accelerated wear and tear on appliances, pipes, and other essential components of a home’s plumbing system. The minerals dissolved in hard water like calcium and magnesium bind together and leave residue behind as mineral deposits inside pipes and appliances; like the plaque lines the arteries’ walls, which eventually leads to a heart attack, mineral build-ups cause clogs and leaks that ultimately culminate into costly repairs. Continue reading “How To Keep My Home Plumbing Maintained Annually”

The Benefits of a House Plumbing Inspection

Your home’s plumbing system is out of sight, out of mind… until something breaks or leaks and causes a water disaster in the middle of the night.

Don’t take your plumbing for granted. A whole-house plumbing inspection is the best way to prevent a sewer backup, broken water heater, or other unexpected and costly plumbing issues. 

What Is a Plumbing Inspection?

During a plumbing inspection, a plumbing professional closely examines every area of your home where a plumbing problem could possibly arise. This process includes: Continue reading “The Benefits of a House Plumbing Inspection”

Signs You Need a New Water Heater

How often do you think about the larger, hidden appliances in your home? Although your AC, furnace, and water heater operate without interference most of the time, they do have an expected lifetime and maintenance requirements. Depending on brand, type, size, etc., your water heater could last anywhere from 6 to 13 years. That makes it difficult to know if you should replace it. Here are some signs you need a new water heater installation.

Making more noise

Is your water heater making noises it didn’t in the past? Are the noises getting louder with every passing month? If so, it is a pretty good idea to go ahead and start shopping for a new water heater. If the water heater is giving off a rattling sound, you may also need some of the plumbing connected to the water heater repaired. Continue reading “Signs You Need a New Water Heater”

How To Improve the Water Quality of Your Entire Home

Do you live in an area with hard water and other treatment quality issues? If you are experiencing buildup on your faucets, sinks, or shower head, “white” water coming from the faucet, or new skin irritations, you probably have water quality issues. Even though the EPA sets standards for potable water quality, these standards are often considered to be too low.

Some maintenance medications can actually cause a dangerous and painful reaction. Others are as concerned about drinking water quality as they are everything they put in their bodies. Drinking water can be easily filtered with faucet water filter systems or softeners. These filters are relatively inexpensive, although you do have the added costs of buying a replacement filter at least every few months. Continue reading “How To Improve the Water Quality of Your Entire Home”

Tips on keeping your garbage disposal in peak condition

Did you know that your garbage disposal was never designed to eat everything you ever wanted to put down your sink? You might think that having a disposal means that you are able to rid yourself of all food waste. But if you treat your garbage disposal with that amount of carelessness, it won’t last long. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your disposal in good condition.

There are so many things you should never put down a garbage disposal.

And most of them are not anything you would think twice about. Some common food items that should not be put down garbage disposals are: Continue reading “Tips on keeping your garbage disposal in peak condition”

Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Plumber

Everyone knows that you should check reviews and get recommendations whenever possible for new services, especially home service trades like plumbing. But before you decide to hire a plumber, you should have a real conversation with them and ask some basic questions to ensure they are a good fit.

Are you licensed and insured?

Your plumber should have a professional business license that allows him to provide services as a plumber. Without this legal licensure, the plumber isn’t going to have workers’ compensation insurance or liability insurance, leaving you on the hook with your homeowner’s policy if something goes wrong. Keep the responsibility firmly where it belongs by ensuring you are using a licensed and insured plumber. Continue reading “Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Plumber”

Why Choosing the Right Water Heater Is So Important

If your water heater goes out, you are likely to want it replaced ASAP. After all, you use hot water for cleaning yourself and your home, cooking, and laundry, among other things, but you don’t need to run out and buy the first water heater you see in the hardware store. No, you need to make sure that you’re getting the right water heater for your home and needs.

Gas or electric?

If your current water heater is gas, the space designed for it likely isn’t set up for electricity and visa versa. Usually,you’ll have to get the type of water heater that your home is already set up for, unless you want to switch. If the rest of your home is on electricity and you don’t have any other gas appliances, you might want to have the extra work done to convert the compartment to eliminate that bill. Electric water heaters also cost less to operate. Continue reading “Why Choosing the Right Water Heater Is So Important”

Increase Value for Your Tenants by Adding a Whole Home Water Filtration and Softener

Are you a residential property owner trying to increase your rental income? The best way to be able to raise the rent with the next lease is to make improvements to the home or apartment, including a whole home water filtration system. Here’s how you and your tenants will benefit.

Improves water quality for the whole building

Whether you are working with a house or apartment building, there are water filtration and softening systems available that can handle the demand. Of course, the more units you are supplying water to, the larger (and more expensive) the filtration system will be. But the improved water quality can be a huge selling point for future tenants, especially if they have health or skin conditions that could be affected by hard water. Continue reading “Increase Value for Your Tenants by Adding a Whole Home Water Filtration and Softener”